5 of a Kind

San Francisco based photographer Diane Villadsen combines color and light to create eye-catching imagery, which seems timeless and introspective. In her series, she wanted to portray the idea of being identical and in symmetry with one another.

The pictures are characterized by symmetry and sameness. Locations including the Ocean Beach, Sutro Baths, Golden Gate Park, and Ft. Point constitute perfect iconic San Francisco backdrops. For her art project, Villadsen wanted to achieve something that seemed impossible: finding 5 similar-looking girls, putting them in five identical outfits, and wrangling them all into one place to experiment with shapes and lines. The pictures represent a pivotal point in the artist’s` photographic career, where it is no longer about prettiness or the perfect illumination, but rather, the ability to evoke a more pervasive reaction to the beholder.

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