The Bold Universe of Normann Copenhagen

Following the large-scale, comprehensive renovation, Normann Copenhagen has opened the doors of its spectacular new showroom, inviting the visitor to take a stroll through the fascinating universe of colors and contrasting textures.

“We want to give visitors the feeling they’re moving around in an art installation.”

Designed by Hans Hornemann and Normann Copenhagen’s Brand Manager, Britt Bonnesen, the brand’s new headquarters is an experimental, artistic space in brushed steel, lively terazzo and eye-catching color combination. A conceptual, theatrical space, it has the character of an art exhibition, with each element carefully planned and nothing left as an accident.

The store’s style is raw and industrial, featuring contrasting materials, such as steel, glass and acrylic combined with plush and terrazzo. Divided into four different zones (Hall, Stage, Ballroom and Gallery), the interior invites the visitors to an inspiring journey of discovery through the brand’s universe.

“We want to give visitors the feeling they’re moving around in an art installation. We’ve played with the contrast between warm and cold in a contemporary interior environment that pays homage to premises that are very worthy of preservation,” says Hans Hornemann.

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