The Secret Lives of New York City Buildings

Marc Yankus is a talented fine art photographer and artist, who uses digital mediums to create mixed media. His dreamlike portraits of New York City buildings straddle a fine line between documentary and fiction. For his “The Secret Lives of Buildings” series, Marc captured the city’s architecture in an uncanny moment of stillness, free from the frenzy of people and cars.

 “On my way to the museum one day [when I was a boy], I was horrified to see wrecking crews knocking down one of my favorite buildings, a Beaux-Arts apartment building on 79th Street. In the months that followed, a monstrosity of a tower rose in its place. And while that eyesore is still standing today, the lost building—gone now for 40 years—endures in my memory [as] a fading, elegiac postcard of a lost time and place. In my current artwork, I seek to document New York’s iconic, lost, and forgotten architecture, from humble, small buildings to soaring skyscrapers. . . The buildings are not presented simply as they are. Muted of distracting visual noise, they represent my vision of how they ought to be seen.”

Marc’s work has been included in exhibitions at The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York; Exit Art, New York City; The Library of Congress, Washington, DC; and ClampArt, New York City.

Bank on Eighth

Barber Shop

Charles Street West of Hudson

Dorilton Apartments

Emmet Building

Haughwout Building

Nineteenth Street

The Ansonia

The Van Dyke Building

4 thoughts on “The Secret Lives of New York City Buildings

    • Very apt question, Chicago’s superb, a live history book of modern architecture. But NYC has a unique flavour that tugs at the heartstrings if you lived there as a child (as I did 🙂 )

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