Gorgeous Landscape Photography

Richard Larssen is a talented 40-year-old self-taught photographer based in a little town called Egersund in the southwest of Norway. “Besides playing golf photography has been a passionate hobby of mine for about 6 years when i first started out with the Panasonic lumic TZ5 compact camera,” he says. Richard shoots mostly landscapes and seascapes, mirror reflections are his favorite motifs.

“I like to experiment with the camera and try out new things, i am self taught and there is always something to learn. For me photography is an artform and a way to express myself and i dont always try to recreate what i saw throught the viewfinder, i edit every photo i publish but i dont add elements to it and i dont add fake skies.” Larssen says.

In addition, Richard shoots long exposures with the use of Strong ND filters.

For post processing he uses Lightroom 5, ACDSee 8 Pro Ultimate, and Onone Perfect suite 9.

No fake skies in my photos, what you see is real. If i manipulate anything it is simple cloning to take away small annoying elements i have missed in 5% of my photos, i never add anything.

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