Stokkoya Cabin

Set along the Norwegian Sea and built as a small home for a local chef, Stokkoya Cabin is both simple and elegant. The house is laid out such that every room has a view of the water, including the combination entryway, dining area, kitchen, and living area, the latter home to a wood-burning fireplace. The rest of the main floor is taken up by the tile-lined bathroom, while a lofted sleeping area is accessed by ladder.

The interior of the house is covered by a combination of light woods, teal cabinetry, and white and blue tile, with wood ceilings in part of the home and other parts leaving the metal sheets of the roof visible. The exterior is clad in burnt wood, providing a contrast with the grassy coastline, water, and mountains visible in the distance.

5 thoughts on “Stokkoya Cabin

  1. There is JUST not enuf space….where on earth am I gonna put my clutter? ~~dru~~

    PRETTY though, it a minimum kinda of way. I think Frank Lloyd….. would be proud……too clean but It gets my ROCKS off……….me again.

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