The Beauty of Paris Through its Colourful Storefronts

You may remember Sebastian’s brilliant photo series that focus on the floors of London. Now Sebastian Erras has collaborated with a print company “Pixartprinting”, to realize the ‘Paris Re-Tale’, a project which tells the story of City of Lights through its colourful shopfronts. Erras captures the exquisite beauty of Parisian little storefronts, with each image featuring the photos and stories of each shop and its owner. Their workshops, laboratories and boutiques tell a different tale of the city.

15 thoughts on “The Beauty of Paris Through its Colourful Storefronts

  1. Reblogged this on mira prabhu and commented:
    You have to admit that Paris is tres cool…once, long ago, I was offered a free stay there if I would write seriously…I couldn’t give up my 9-5 job at the time, so regretfully declined…and now I don’t think I will ever go…so seeing what I missed is a bitter-sweet visual treat….thanks for this, Alk3r!

  2. Beautiful – I can just imagine strolling down the street and seeing these picturesque storefronts…wandering in for some wine and cheese, or having a fresh baguette…wonderful photos, here.

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  4. I have lived in Paris for four years. Indeed, some magasins/ charcuteries/libraires/cafes/boulangeries like these exist just off the tourist beaten track, but chainstores are prevalent too. Having worked in paris, most of the time one barely had time to visit Monoprix/Franxprix etc, but one can still buy a baguette, still warm, to have with diner au soir. Ca me manque.

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