Solar Powered EcoPods

Isolated in mid-Atlantic and warmed by the Gulf Stream, the group of nine islands enjoys a benign and temperate annual climate, and a breathtaking natural beauty.

Azores Islands has to deal with congestion problem due to high flux of tourist storming, which is resulting in destruction of the peace and tranquility. To resolve these problems, Tourism and Agribusiness Development Company (TADA) developed a network of low-impact solar-powered EcoPods. Designed by architect Johan Shenton, these small EcoPods are manufactured from supportable softwood and equipped with a solar-powered kit to harness sun’s energy.

They can be easily transported and assembled by just three people in a minimum of time. The pods are suitable for small spaces and can be used to relax or function as shelters for the homeless in case of a natural calamity. The interior features comfort including sleeping area and storage spaces. Its octagon designed windows illuminates the interior with natural light, creating a fascinating place. The first pilot resort is in progress and will open in spring of 2017.

2 thoughts on “Solar Powered EcoPods

  1. How creative! but it does look a bit like it’s hanging in the void, and with climate change and all, I’d worry that the traditional winds could decide to morph into something less benign!

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