Tallinn: The Estonian Treasure of Europe

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Perhaps there aren’t many travelers who would like to spend their holidays in Tallinn – and probably most of them are not even aware of its existence. However, the Estonian capital has much to offer to those who are passionate about history, art and architecture, as it is one of the few European cities with a well-preserved historical center.

So what makes Tallinn so different? To begin with, the town hosts a fortress built in 1050 A.D. which still lays on top of a hill located right in the center. In the same area, visitors can enjoy architectural masterpieces dating back to the 14th century that survived ages of war, conquerors and changes.

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Due to the fact that many groups of people with different nationalities conquered the place and disappeared over the centuries, the art and architecture of Tallinn has many cultural influences. From Danes to Teutonic Knights, Swedes and even Nazis, the Estonian independence was hardly kept in time; what is interesting, though, is that the historical center of the city was very well preserved. In fact, it officially became a UNESCO World Heritage Site particularly for its 14th century wall that still stands.

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Those who are keen on history can visit the Epping Tower to check out and even test medieval arms, as well as a 6-century old mansion which was well preserved until now. Meanwhile, art lovers can admire art works belonging to the Socialist Realism current, as well as the 18th century Estonian classics. As for means of entertainment, those who travel during summer can spend their days on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

Image sourcetallinn3tallinn4tallinn5Image sourcePhoto by Andrey Omelyanchuk/FlickrPhoto by karinavera/FlickrSt.Katherine's passage, Photo by christian zeiner/FlickrViru Gate, Photo by Ed Moskalenko/FlickrTown Hall Square of Tallinn, Photo by tarmo888/Flickr

From art to history, engaging landscapes and different types of cultures, Tallinn can be seen as a European treasure that must be enjoyed by any traveler.

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