Remarkable Glass Sculptures

The New-Yorker glass-maker Rick Eggert takes his inspiration by water and fire movements to create glass sculptures, dynamics and harmonious. His incredible work on shapes and colors proves his undeniable virtuosity.

5 thoughts on “Remarkable Glass Sculptures

  1. I love blown glass sculptures always have. your offerings are gorgeous, I can almost feel the movement. Chihuly is my favorite artist. I had a beautiful set of old ships (not by anyone famous) and kept them on my bureau In my bedroom so the kids wouldn’t break them. We went out one evening our boys were about 12 and 10 and unbeknown to the sitter started throwing a basketball at each other. Mind you they were told never to throw any ball indoors. When we returned home the ships were in a million pieces.
    It seems they were in the hallway throwing the basket ball at each other and one of them missed the other and the ball made its way into our bedroom, hit the bed post and bounced directly onto my bureau. The good Lord does test us at times. :o)

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