Konstruktor: For Those Uninterested in Instagram

The photography company Lomography is known for making obscure, hyper-specific cameras, the complete opposite of most cameras or smartphones that perform about fifteen different operations. Lomography’s created fisheye cameras, 360 degree cameras, and the Diana, a camera that acts like a manual version of the digital photo-filter favorite, Instagram.

With a new design, Lomography’s created the Konstruktor, a make-it-yourself kit to build your own 35mm, SLR camera. Almost like a model airplane, the Konstruktor pieces are packaged in sheets of plastic that you twist off and snap or screw together in the price of $35.00. The camera takes a little over 30 minutes to put together, and it includes stickers and decals that allow you to customize the Konstruktor to your own unique camera.

In every way, the Konstruktor is a very manual camera. But it may be nostalgic for you to wind the camera after every new photo and to unclip the back and fit a new reel of film in.

While it might seem cheap, with a good eye, the Konstruktor is capable of taking impressive color photos. You can set the camera to have long exposures for those dreamy nights, and is capable a snapping multiple exposures.

However quirky Lomography is, they do create some interesting products, and it seems like Konstruktor is the top of these.

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