Life in Mongolia’s Impoverished Suburbs (Red Hero 3)

Red Hero 3: Paul Cox Captures Life In Mongolia's Impoverished Suburbs

Paul Cox is an professional photographer who was born in Zimbabwe in 1968, moved to the UK in 1988, and currently lives and works in Hong Kong. After completing a diploma in photography, this ‘hobby’ developed into full-time commissioned work in 2011, taking on projects including events, fashion, food, architecture, interiors focussing largely on portraiture and travel.

Despite having the dubious accolade of the world’s coldest capital, I keep returning to this proud nation for its truly unique landscape, its people and the charity I support there.

Paul Cox has been documenting the Mongolian lifestyle since 2014, his bold study of people and captivating landscapes of the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar, captured heartwarming moments of people going about their everyday lives in a city known for its brutal conditions. The term ‘Red Hero’ is taken from the translation of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

“Since my first auction, Red Hero1 in 2013, Ive seen the charity grow from just a dozen or so kids to around three times that on our approach to Red Hero3,” Cox says. “The charity is one of only two buildings in the whole district that has running water. So no more trips to the outside ‘long drop’ toilet for these young kids in a -20 degree winter.”paul-cox2


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