An ‘Infinite’ Galaxy Puzzle That Can Be Built in Any Direction


The team over at Nervous System recently designed this fun Infinite Galaxy Puzzle that tiles continuously in any direction. Pieces from the top can be removed and added to the bottom, and likewise from side to side. So regardless of where you start the puzzle can continue in a seemingly infinite series of patterns. Each puzzle is printed with satellite imagery obtained from NASA and includes a few themed pieces like an astronaut, shuttle, and satellite. Apparently the puzzles were wildly popular and are now available as a pre-order for 2017.


3 thoughts on “An ‘Infinite’ Galaxy Puzzle That Can Be Built in Any Direction

  1. Infinite Galaxy puzzles are thinking pieces. Every series fiction writer dreams of these, I think. There is no beginning or end to story, and the pieces are vastly reorder-able. Coming up with the most satisfying sequence is the writer”s job.

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