A Cozy Shelter On A Cliff

A small seaside holiday shelter, the house designed by Norwegian studio Lund Hagem stands at the back of a cliff, offering the dramatic surroundings outside and the excellent coziness inside.

Called ‘Knapphullet’, the structure is a small annex replacing two small sheds on the property. “The project began as an idea for how to utilize a naturally sheltered area surrounded by large rocks and dense vegetation,” say the architects. The idea eventually developed into creating a way to climb up from the shelter to see the panoramic view over the sea.

Thanks to that, the house also owes its characteristic shape of the roof. Formed by the house and the cliffs, the sheltered atrium includes the concrete bench that extends from the interior to the exterior, joining the spaces together.

3 thoughts on “A Cozy Shelter On A Cliff

  1. This is nice. As along as it has a fully functioning bathroom complete with toilet, sink and shower plus perhaps a small kitchen I think that they should be at every beach worldwide. Available as time shares or rentals. Cool!!

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