Surprising Pictures of a Ghost Town

Thibaut Derien is a French photographer who decided to leave Paris, but to go where? He found a city that seemed to be empty of people, with closed shops and homes. He offers us a series of ghostly pictures soberly entitled J’habite une ville fantôme (I’m living in a ghost town.

I was tired of the capital. Too much noise, too many people. And then I could not stand my neighbors. I wanted a change of scenery, and especially life. I spent most of my time dark slumped into my couch, again not the world, but the ideal place to settle. I imagined while living in a small village in the countryside, but to have grown up, I knew that large areas were not made for me. I saw myself start again in the sea, but the wind and the cries of seagulls have always tapped me on the system. In short, I gave it up.

So I got long wondered where to put the suitcases that I had not yet done, until I came across it by chance. A city without cars or living without noise or movement, quiet as the countryside, relaxing as the ocean, but in nature.

Today I walk silently in the streets just for me, where I only have to use it, where everything tends her arms. At first I am asked myself some questions: what had happened here and what had become of the population? Urban migration, natural disaster, ecological disaster, it is not important. With time I have learned not sulk my pleasure, and now the only thing that worries me is how long it will last. I kill time, that no longer really happening here, imagining all these past lives behind the closed shutters, these iron curtains drawn.

I’m lost on a desert island, except I do not want anyone to finds me.

I live in a ghost town. 

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