Paintings of Rainy Days in the City

Mike Barr is a paint artist who imagines and reproduces rainy days in cities. Creations that are close to photographs in which he manages to represent the light and the atmosphere during rainy days. He is based on Adelaide, located in South Australia. A very realistic work to discover.

6 thoughts on “Paintings of Rainy Days in the City

  1. Rainy days in cities are impressionistic without art, somehow what impressionism is, including the soul of the modern human world. I want to send you a picture of a city in the rain painted by my uncle. It is on another persons phone right now, and might be e-mailed of such when I figure out the tech. Oh I could reblog you over here, and get it on my box, then you see it you’ll be so astonished you will come get it!

  2. Now I have it on twitter, so look up mmcdonald77 twitter, and it should be right on top. I spent hours trying in vein to post it on WordPress. You are welcome to use this however- I just want people to see my Uncle’s painting.


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