A House at Peace With Nature

Inspired by the Roman villa and both Spanish and Arab cultural heritage, The Villa designed by Italian studio Metroarea fuses Mediterranean culture and the natural environment.

Situated in the stunning area of Ibiza, Spain, the house takes its form from the natural lexicon of Italian expressionism, such as Moretti and Michelucci, while also maintaining strong memory of Rudolf Steiner.

“For us, designing a contemporary building in 2016 means establishing a dedicated dialogue with history and with nature,” say the architects.

That said, the building includes big glass windows filtered by hanging gardens, canopies and custom made bamboo shutters, reminiscent of the traditional awnings and latticework Moucharabieh.

In addition, such a solution creates a continuous relationship between inside and outside of the house. Following the natural slope of the hill where it stands, The Villa’s shape reminds of an amphitheater surrounded by nature. To avoid the popular image of the luxury and pursuing the connection to the island, the design team decided to use simple materials like irregular board formed concrete. The result is informal and hospitable, making The Villa the perfect shelter hidden in the paradise.

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