Resistant to the idea of putting the environment and familiar objects around him into a particular box, Denis Cherim walks towards his goal of appreciating the ‘un-apreciable’ around the world. With the simplicity of duplicating the same image and rotating it, this artist opens the doors to a quasi-surrealist landscape.

In his new project ‘1+1=1’ apart from any aesthetic questions, the presence of the binarity in his photographs engages our gaze, which is accustomed to observe with a brutal avidity, to take time and to observe with meticulousness, because here the image resists us. Indeed, its theme on the perfect double opens our eyes to dreams and escapes, and obliges us incessantly to ask whether these photographs belong to the physical world or the world of dreams.

Cherim obliges us to once again to take the time to observe and to question the beauty of the city because the mirror reflects the truth. Thus a new window on the world, and the resulting urban poetry becomes a new means of escape. Stopping the course of time, giving us the chance to see the invisible. In banal photography lies a wealth of photographic art that Denis Cherim teases us with.

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