Extreme Weather: Storm Chaser Photography

Jonas Piontek is a talented self-taught photographer, travel enthusiast, student and storm chaser from Grünberg, Hessen who currently based in Lich, Hesse, Germany. Jonas studies Media & Creative Industries Management at accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg. His passion for storm chasing takes him tens of thousands of kilometers through central Europe and across the globe each year to get the perfect shots of nature’s most dangerous creations and diverse landscapes. Piontek’s work has been published in national and international media, reaching from TV-shows to magazines and live-broadcasts in television, including The Weather Channel, BBC, NHK, ZDF, Tagesschau, die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung etc.

6 thoughts on “Extreme Weather: Storm Chaser Photography

  1. Reblogged this on Meeka's Mind and commented:
    Feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful, and terrifying, photos of storms I have ever seen. For my money, the one with the windmill is the most disturbing.

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