London From The Rooftops

James Burns is a talented photographer currently based in London, UK who captures the most amazing elements of his great city. James shoots a lot of urban, rooftop, cityscapes, high-rise buildings and architecture photography. “The mission goes on, London never stops and neither will my enthusiasm for it’s wonderful energy, diversity, architecture and culture,” he says. “I now have the great honour of being able to continue my project with some very reputable organisations who have the opened the doors of their rooftops to me primarily to see this project flourish.”

London From The Rooftops is my mission and my ode to the city that I love and the city that made me who I am. My teenage years were marked by a curiosity and fascination with my surroundings, a connection nurtured by my love for the musical culture of drum n bass that echoed round the London streets and was ‘our’ thing, a ‘London thing’.

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