Dreamlike Views of Finland

Finding the perfect visual asset for your next creative project can seem like a daunting endeavor. With an endless stream of possibilities it can be difficult to find the image or video that truly stands out and speaks to your audience in a unique way. Recognizing this, Adobe has gathered together some of the most eye-popping imagery you won’t find anywhere else available through Adobe Stock Premium.

For the month of March, in conjunction with Women’s History Month, Adobe is celebrating its own female creators. This week we explore Finnish photographer Tiina Törmänen who has already lived a multitude of lives with years spent perfecting her skills as a BMX biker, working as professional chef, and apprenticing in a photographer’s studio. Her wildly diverse background now influences her breathtaking landscape photography, where trekking solo at night on a snow mobile — with emergency skis strapped to the side — is just part of the job.

Although Törmänen has had a camera in-hand for much of her life, it was only recently that she began to point it away from people and out into the expansive landscape that surrounds her. Endless fields of stars, shimmering northern lights, and secretive forest scenes are all hallmarks of her photography. Törmänen likens the skills required to shoot landscapes to those she used for people, a split-second moment where clicking the shutter captures “the soul of the person, the landscape, where you can see the true beauty of it all.”

You can find many of Törmänen’s incredible photographs available for licensing in Adobe Stock’s Premium collection, a selection of highly curated images as unique as your next creative project. Adobe Stock is seamlessly integrated into Creative Cloud applications, so you can search, view, edit, and license photographs, videos, illustrations, vector graphics, 3D assets and more without leaving your creative workflow. Monthly subscription plans are available for individuals, small teams, and enterprise solutions. Learn more about plans and pricing on Adobe Stock. If you’re interested in selling your own stock photos and videos, visit the Adobe Contributor Portal.

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