Lost in: Narrative Photography

Lost in: Narrative Photography by Julien Dumas

Julien Dumas is a talented photographer, artist and story-teller currently based in Paris, France. Each of his pictures, is a news item, a slice of life in which he let us introduce our selves according freedom to be the script writer of it. The all thing is about to know if this slice of life is going to happen in front of us, or if the dramatic turn that we suppose, had already happen.

In august 2009, during a journey in New York, Julien Dumas has discover by chance Richard Avedon work! He is already seduces by his fifty, sixties pictures, the glam and sensual aspect of the black and white images. When he comes back in Paris, the adventure begins for Julien, starting with women portraits, with fixed expression, inert, awaited “I was looking for inexpression”.

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