Beautiful Landscapes of Switzerland

Beautiful Landscapes of Switzerland by Aziz Boussalem

Aziz Boussalem is a talented self-taught photographer, explorer and aviator currently based in Valais, Suisse, Switzerland. Aziz focuses on landscaping, he shoots brilliant aerial, nature and travel photography. Boussalem uses Nikon D300s camera with Nikkor 16-85 mm lens.

Passionate about nature (Landscapes, Flores, and Fauna), my goal is to recreate the reality of the actual scene as I experienced it and keep it authentic.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Landscapes of Switzerland

  1. Beautiful, but like so many pictures anymore they seem to be color enhanced. I’ve noticed more and more photographers doing that and it’s hard to know anymore what’s real and what’s not. If those are all pure then they are more than just beautiful.

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