The Queen of The Night

You have to stay up late to enjoy the opening of this extraordinary cactus, which is shaped like a majestic waterlily. If you are an early riser and usually early to bed – this plant is not for you! The queen of the night cactus flowers between dusk and dawn – for us she is the highlight of the party season.

A “Queen of the Night” cactus is in bloom at the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden, Russia. It is a night-flowering cactus that blooms with a great sense of drama. It blooms once a year for several hours only. The plant puts all of its reproductive energy into a single brief fling. It’s quite an extraordinary performance.

The flower is huge, deeply fragrant and glows as white as a full moon. Still, it’s a precarious way to make a living, and the true Queen, Selenicereus grandiflorus, is not often seen in cultivation.

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