Paper Sculptures Adapting to Reality

With a simple sheet of paper cut with precision and imagination, the artists Dmytro and Iuliia aka DreamPapercut, create sculptures in form of animals and of diverse items. These creations adapt to the landscape by letting passing the light, with great visual effects. Continue reading

Cabin With a View, The Windowless Plane

the windowless cabin with a view windowlessplaneIn a concept design created by U.K. product and technology research company, Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), an airplane’s windows will be replaced with floor-to-ceiling screens displaying 360-degree views of the sky captured by cameras mounted outside the plane. In addition to the real-time displays, the screens would also be used for entertainment purposes, showing detailed information about the objects seen outside the plane and playing recorded media. The screens would also double as touch-screen displays for in-flight services.