Solvay Conference

Solvay Conference

A. Piccard, E. Henriot, P. Ehrenfest, E. Herzen, Th. de Donder, E. Schrödinger, J.E. Verschaffelt, W. Pauli, W. Heisenberg, R.H. Fowler, L. Brillouin;

P. Debye, M. Knudsen, W.L. Bragg, H.A. Kramers, P.A.M. Dirac, A.H. Compton, L. de Broglie, M. Born, N. Bohr;
I. Langmuir, M. Planck, M. Skłodowska-Curie, H.A. Lorentz, A. Einstein, P. Langevin, Ch.-E. Guye, C.T.R. Wilson, O.W. Richardson

Fifth conference participants, 1927. Institut International de Physique Solvay in Leopold Park.

The International Solvay Institutes for Physics and Chemistry, located in Brussels, were founded by the Belgian industrialist Ernest Solvay in 1912, following the historic invitation-only 1911 Conseil Solvay, considered a turning point in the world of physics. The Institutes coordinate conferences, workshops, seminars, and colloquia. Continue reading

Baby Born Without Breaking Amniotic Sac


A rare insight … extremely rare …. I would say birth after caesarean, with intact the bag, the baby still has not understood that he was born ….. it is like still in the womb, is known as ”Veil birth” and is more common but equally rare in premature birth, full inclusion of the newborn in the bag do not let the baby drown in the amniotic fluid because it begins to breathe immediately after removal of the” veil” As the placenta continues to feeds the baby with blood, the nature transcends herself leaving us speechless…….