Paper Sculptures Adapting to Reality

With a simple sheet of paper cut with precision and imagination, the artists Dmytro and Iuliia aka DreamPapercut, create sculptures in form of animals and of diverse items. These creations adapt to the landscape by letting passing the light, with great visual effects. Continue reading

Handmade Kraft Paper Animations

liang-1From time to time we love to stop and marvel at the mathematical wizardry of artists and designers who make GIFs with code, but Sydney-based illustrator Nancy Liang takes an old-school approach with her imaginative scenes made almost entirely by hand. There isn’t a single element in her animations that doesn’t begin as a physical drawing or object. Liang works mostly with kraft paper cutouts and pencil drawings, all of which is carefully planned in copious sketches before each element is scanned and animated in photoshop. Continue reading