The World’s Largest Indoor Farm Using LED Lights

Worlds-Largest-Indoor-Farm-The world’s largest indoor farm was designed by Shigeharu Shimamura,CEO of Mirai Co. Discovered on Inhabitat, the farm is nearly half the size of a football field (25,000 square feet) and is built in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.  Using 17,500 LED Lights, Shimamura has created one efficient ecosystem. Continue reading

Yellow Watermelon

yellow watermelon

Originally from Africa and categorized as both a fruit and vegetable, watermelons are hydrating, sweet, and rich in nutrients. A yellow watermelon is basically the same as one of any other color — it just has yellow flesh on the inside instead of the more common pink or red color. The fruit is generally grown in warm regions and, depending on the variety, can be as large as 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) once fully grown. People use the yellow fruit the same way they’d use any other type, although watermelons of this color can be more difficult to find. Continue reading