Speaking of Love Through Lights And Shapes

Commissioned for the London’s Festival of Love, ‘Ventricle’ is a vibrant two-part installation interpreting the mystical power of hanging gardens of Babylon and Eden.

Situated in Southbank Center, the installation catches the visitor’s eye immediately with its vibrant colors and shimmering material. Continue reading

Floating Fields

Floating Fields is based on the idea of creating a “place-based bio-social urbanism” that offers an alternative, organic lifestyle. It engages public space by creating an edible landscape and a polyculture ecology that once defined the landform of the Pearl River Delta. Continue reading

Flower Carpets at Infiorata Festival, Italy

The best time to visit Italy, if you want to catch the incredible Infiorata festival, is during May and June. At this time of the year, especially on the occasion of Corpus Domini, many Italian towns decorate their streets with flower petals creating beautiful artworks ranging from simple geometric designs to elaborate tapestries inspired by religious art and famous paintings. Continue reading