Harbin Opera House

MAD Architects unveils the completed Harbin Opera House, located in the Northern Chinese city of Harbin. In 2010, MAD won the international open competition for Harbin Cultural Island, a master plan for an opera house, a cultural center, and the surrounding wetland landscape along Harbin’s Songhua River. Continue reading

A Caravan Into The Sky

French artist Benedetto Bufalino, known for his amusing urban interventions, has sent a caravan into the sky.

‘La Caravane dans le Ciel’, as the work is called in French, takes the form of a trailer set on top of a sky jack, which pushes the caravan up into the clouds. In a statement about the work, Bufalino says: Continue reading

Quantum Product Design Museum

The museum and exhibition center is designed to host the forefront in product design.

Vasil Velchev is an electrical engineer with more than ten years of experience as a graphic designer. Product design for him started as a hobby, but after some worldwide publications, he started to believe in his designs and to take it more seriously. Continue reading