Card Tricks Are Even More Impressive When Slowed Down

How do you know when a card trick is impressive? The answer is when it can be slowed right down and still boggle your mind, just like this cardistry from thevirts. Slowing the tricks down gives us a little more time to process exactly what’s going on but that still doesn’t make the seamless shuffling of the cards any less cool to watch. Continue reading

Incredible Body Painting Optical Illusions


Amazingly, these mind-bending optical illusions aren’t made with the help of projections or Photoshop. Artist Natalie Fletcher painted them directly on human skin! The Oregon-based body painter created this impressive series completely freehanded with an airbrush. She calls it Just an Illusion, and the “canvases” feature bright base colors of fuchsia, cyan, green, and yellow. Black contour lines help fool our eye into thinking that parts of a torso are popping out at us. Continue reading