Melancholic Paintings of Seascapes and Vintage Ships

Polish artist Justyna Kopania creates stunning paintings representing seascapes and old ships. She uses different tools to give different textures to the paint in order to give all the depth and the melancholic aspect to her work, accentuated by the used colors. Continue reading

Female Portrait Paintings

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Krisztiàn Tejfel

Krisztiàn Tejfel is a Hungarian painter and photographer. He mostly paints women’s portrait, often leaving his creations with the look of a “work unfinished”. He is educated in traditional painting and began exploring digital painting a few years ago. His female portraits are characterised by their melancholic look with a pinch of surrealism. Continue reading

20 Sunken Ships People Forgot About

Once upon a time, those mighty brigantines and proud galleons scoured the seas, but now they are underwater, quietly dreaming about vast horizons, deadly storms, lively harbors, and beautiful islands. Oh, the tales they could tell!

Today we welcome you aboard on some of the most mysterious sunken ships. Ready to risk your life and take a walk among ghosts and mermaids? Ahoy!

The sunken barge, British Columbia Continue reading