The Beauty of Paris Through its Colourful Storefronts

You may remember Sebastian’s brilliant photo series that focus on the floors of London. Now Sebastian Erras has collaborated with a print company “Pixartprinting”, to realize the ‘Paris Re-Tale’, a project which tells the story of City of Lights through its colourful shopfronts. Continue reading

Appy Fizz

Sagmeister & Walsh (together with Daniel Brokstad, Fumi Omori, Liron Ashkenazi, Pol Solsona, Simón Sepúlveda, Zipeng Zhu, Esteban Diácono, Karan Singh, Pedro Veneziano and Pablo Alfieri) created a lively visual identity for Appy Fizz, India’s first ever sparkling apple juice drink. Continue reading

Markthal: Rotterdam’s Beautiful Food Market

At Rotterdam’s historic Binnenrotte Square, next to Blaak Station, is an eleven-stories-tall arched building that huddles over an immense food market on the ground floor. The arched building is also habitable and contains over two hundred apartments, with each unit equipped with either a window looking out into the market or a glass square in the floor so residents can look down into the bustling venue below. Continue reading