The Largest And Most Powerful Diesel Engine in The World


Container ships are some of the largest and heaviest vessels that plough on the seas. They measure up to 1,200 feet in length and can move 10,000 to 16,000, 20-foot steel containers in one trip. To push these vessels through the water require immense amount of energy, that are derived from massive diesel engines. Continue reading

A Luxury Off-Grid Getaway

For those who lack a hideaway among the nature but don’t want to give up on the comfort of a city life, The Autonomous Tent seems like a perfect choice, offering a luxury camping experience. Designed by architect Harry Gesner and installed by an American startup, The Autonomous Tent was engineered as a permanent structure, but can be also easily removed without leaving a single trace. Continue reading

The Real Photo

Guerillo Heroico is a famous photograph of Ernesto “Che” Guevara, a revolutionary in his well-known black beret. This photo was made by Alberto Korda in Havana, March 5, 1960, during the memorial service for the victims of the La Coubre explosion. Korda wrote, that the expression on Ernesto`s face drew his attention. It expressed absolute intransigence, anger and pain. The revolutionary was only 31 then. Continue reading