Clingstone: The House on The Rock

clingstone-house-6Perched on top of a small, rocky island in Narragansett Bay, near Jamestown, Rhode Island, the United States, is a three-story, cedar shingle mansion built by Philadelphia socialite Joseph Lovering Wharton in 1905. Wharton had built the house as an act of defiance after the government seized his land and summer home that he had in the Fort Wetherill area in south Jamestown, to enlarge the fort at the end of the 1800s. Continue reading

Mountain Biking, Levadia, Greece

SAM_0494.jpg This is the Stadium of the Levadiakos which is also the starting point for the mountain…SAM_0487.jpgThese houses are next to the Stadium on the right…SAM_0495.jpgSo we begin…SAM_0484 2.jpgYeah i’m resting! I’m not ashamed of! :p…SAM_0482.jpgA shot of the trees…SAM_0477.jpgYeap these are our bikes…SAM_0474.jpgThis slim road was my favourite part for mountain biking…SAM_0453.jpgThis is the end of the road and we can see a small church builded in the mountain’s rock…SAM_0450.jpgThis is the left part of the city of Levadia as we see it from the top…SAM_0455.jpgAnd this is me and my younger brother…(THANK YOU FOR CHECKING OUT MY POST)