Colossal Monuments From Around The World That No One Talks About

Bildergebnis für Grand Bouddha Sakayamunee. Ang Thong, ThailandeGrand Bouddha Sakayamunee. Ang Thong, Thailande. 92 m (301 ft). Built in 2008.

“Who were these people? And why did they feel the need to commemorate themselves in stone?”

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The Catacombs of Odessa


Underneath the city of Odessa, in Ukraine, is an extensive network of tunnels believed to be the largest catacomb system in the world. Largely unmapped and spread haphazardly under the city, the huge maze of underground passages extends for over 2,500 kilometers. If it were laid out in a straight line the tunnels would reach all the way to Paris. Continue reading