13 Inspiring Bold Colorful Bathrooms For Those Who Love Color

1. This bathroom uses multiple shades of red glass tiles to cover the walls and ceiling.

2. Red tile covers the entirety of the floor, walls, and bathtub surround, in this bright bathroom.

3. This orange bathroom would definitely wake you up in the morning.

4. Even a white bathroom can have a bold colorful impact by having a single wall a different color.

5. Bright yellow in this kids bathroom helps keep the mood cheerful.

6. The green tile in the shower of this all white bathroom makes for a dramatic pop of color.

7. Hopefully this bathroom doesn’t turn you green with envy.

8. These blue glass tiles reflect the natural light from the skylight to help brighten the bathroom in more ways than one.

9. Different shades of blue have been used to create a bold statement in this shower.

10. These deep purple walls add a dramatic touch to the bathroom.

11. This bathroom uses a lighter shade of purple to bring in color without it being overwhelming.

12. The bright pink walls in this bathroom are a fun way to add color in a kids bathroom.

13. If you can’t decide on one color, use them all!

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