Vacation Destinations Abandoned During Off-Season

Self-taught French photographer Fabien Fourcauds series Hors Saison – meaning ‘Off Season’ – explores what happens to a place when it falls out of fashion.

Fourcaud took pictures of places that were only built for the purpose of entertaining tourists. What happens to a beach when visitors stay away from one day to the next? Are the abandoned buildings, landscapes and useless objects that nobody notices still there for the time of abandonment? It seems like these vacation regions fall into a deep sleep waiting for the next crowd to arrive.

During the waiting phase, only materials, shapes, colors and lights remain. A beach does not exsist anymore, just a sea side and sand. All the waste having disappeared along with the humans, bins are put on hold. “These landscapes and objects have been, are, and will be again”, says the photographer about his approach.

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