Stunning Drone Photography

Stunning Drone Photography by Boyan Ortse

Boyan Ortse is a talented photographer, designer, filmmaker and artist currently based in Ede, Netherlands. Boyan focuses on traveling, he shoots incredible landscapes and aerial shots. Ortse uses DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone.

I began with multimedia design when I was a kid, playing around with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash, building websites and animations when I was 14. I knew what I wanted and started studying Multimedia design and graduated in 2014. During the last year of my study I started my business making graphic designs and websites for clients. This was the beginning of my career and it made me even more interested in the filming and animation industry. I bought myself a camera (the Panasonic GH4) and picked up one of the first Professional Drones with a camera (The phantom 1 with a GoPro) back then.

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