10 Reasons to Learn to Play the Piano


  • Its fun! Playing the piano is an enjoyable pastime.
  • Playing the piano increases mental acuity, improves concentration skills, and keeps your mind active.
  • You can start playing the piano at any age since it does not have the significant physical demands of many other instruments.
  • Playing piano gives you a creative outlet to express your innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires.
  • Music becomes more alive and meaningful once you become an active participant, and playing piano is an easy way to get involved.
  • Learning piano is an asset even if you already play other instruments. The piano is the universal instrument that will improve any musician.
  • No other instrument comes closer to being able to create a complete musical experience, with melody, harmony, and rhythm, than a piano.
  • Playing piano will make you instantly popular, as everyone loves music and is impressed when they hear a musician performing their craft well.
  • Learning to play the piano is a great family activity.
  • Piano skills become like an old friend: keeping you company in times of loneliness, encouraging you in strife, and rejoicing with you in triumph.

5 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Learn to Play the Piano

  1. My wife used to play the piano but she doesn’t any more; we have a piano at home and no one to play it. I’m trying to convince her to start playing again. I think your list will come in handy! Thanks, lovely post!

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