Neither Here Nor There

Jim de Block aka 3delicious is a photographer, dancer and choreographer from Antwerp, Belgium, who currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jim received his ballet education at the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp. In 2011 he started freelancing as a dancer and choreographer and has, since then, performed works by James O’Hara, Madeleine Lindh, Constantine Baecher, Fernando Magadan, Sag’i Gross and Maurice Causey.

A photographic essay on the transitional, the almost but not quite, the frozen limbo. Caught in between, neither here nor there.

– Jim de Block

Buying his first SLR camera when he was 17 Jim de Block discovered the joy and challenge of photography. Jim shoots a lot of architecture, minimalist and street photography. In his latest series “Neither Here Nor There”, Jim used digital photography to shape up a different reality, one in which human bodies can exist in parallel dimensions in different worlds.

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