Breathtaking Adrenaline Pumping Photos

Amazing crazy skydiving shot taken with GoPro over Miami. Photo by Ralph Turner

Free jump from KL tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo by Vincent Thian

Kayak challenge on extreme waterfalls. Photo by Desre Tate

Base jumping at beautiful Zakynthos island, Greece. Photo by Vadimir Mahorov

She loves adrenaline, cliff climbing over sea. Photo by David Clifford

Base jumping from a Contra Dam, Switzerland, as seen on James Bond movie. Photo by Vadimir Mahorov

Jumping over a canyon on bike in Peru. Photo by Marco Toniolo

Sequence shot of huge snowboard jump. Photo by Scott Serfas

Extreme climber in the crack. Photo by Paul Bride

Extreme tight rope sky walker. Photo by Markus Stadler

Insane Ukrainian roofer, Mustang is looking death in the eyes . Photo by Kirill Opex

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