Underwater Museum of The Communist Era

1Pink Gagarin 

Cape Tarkhankut, Crimea is a home of an unusual underwater museum. In 1992, diver Vladimir Borumenski installed the first sculptures of Soviet leaders at a depth of 50 feet. Sculptures were already dismantled in the Crimean cities and towns, so it was kind of a recycling project. Borumenski planned to complete the Soviet museum, with sculptures of Mao Zedong, Mussolini and Napoleon, but didn’t follow through.


Nonetheless, the place become favorite spot of divers. They began to expand the collection, by bringing sculptures from all over Ukraine. So, the underwater museum accumulated few dozen sculptures, including Stalin, Lenin, Dzerzhinsky and Gagarin. The organizers of the underwater museum are always open to adding new figures to the collection, which currently has more than 50 different busts.

Karl Marx3



Felix Dzerzhinsky7

8 thoughts on “Underwater Museum of The Communist Era

  1. Thats awesome! It is like an underwater Eater egg hunt, but instead you get to see eerie sculptures in silence and intimate privacy. I would go for sure!

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