The Road to Tusheti: One of The Most Treacherous Roads in Georgia

Located at 5,413 -14,740 feet above sea level, Tusheti is a region in northeast Georgia. It captivates by beauty, but as it is positioned on the northern slopes of the Caucasus mountains, getting there is quite challenging.

Tusheti is divided by four gorges: Pirikiti, Gometseri, Chagma and Chanchakhovani. The road to Tusheti is considered as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The road lays on slopes and goes up to 9842 feet over gorges of Tusheti.


The largest village and a center of Tusheti is Omalo. The only access road to it is through the Abano pass (9,350 ft). From Omalo there are three different directions along with mountain ranges. Chanchakhovani gorge is the entrance to Tusheti. Others are: Diklo-Shenako gorge and Pirikiti and Gometzari gorges. Each road parts after a few kilometers. All directions are vehicle accessible, but further and higher the road goes, more difficult and worse it gets. Alpine climate, fog, mist and low visibility, make the road even more hazardous.

On the other hand, there are plenty of trails and trekking options. Though, it takes longer to walk from a point A to point B, at least there is no risk involved.

tusheti-road4tusheti-road5Thousands of people have seen breathtaking views of Georgia, after Tusheti road was featured in BBC’s World’s Most Dangerous Roads in 2014.

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