Stunning Travel Landscapes

Ben Green is a talented 29-year-old self-taught British photographer, compliance manager and qualified FA Referee currently based in Roydon, a small village near Diss, Norfolk. He shoots a lot of travel, nature, cityscape and landscape photography. “Photography is a passion, it takes commitment, patience, craft and a good eye but It’s hugely satisfying to give people a set of images to cherish or a nice piece of art work for their home,” Ben says. His passion is long exposures using the Lee Big Stopper 10 ND Filter.

My landscape work brings me a great sense of peace and tranquility into an otherwise busy schedule. My style has seen my work used by the BBC numerous times as well enabling me to travel around Europe both on Business and Pleasure Photography expeditions. I shoot with a Canon 5DSR along with a host of Filters which enable me to specialise in Long Exposure Photography.

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