8 Stunning Bathtubs Made From Solid Stone

A long soak in a warm bath is one of the best cures for a long day. While pretty much any bath will do, these tubs carved from solid stone take unwinding and relaxation to a whole new level.

1. The Papillon Bathtub in Marble, Sandstone and Granite by Stone Forest.

2. The SPA bathtub designed by nespoli e novara for Neutra Design, is available in a wide range of stone types from moonstone to granite, each one unique from the others.

3. The GRAL tub by SIGN, is carved from a single excavated solid piece of stone.

4. Le Acque tub is a limited edition bathtub designed by Claudio Silvestrin for Toscoquattro, and is made from Supai stone.

5. This bathtub is handcrafted from a solid block of natural sandstone making every one unique.

6. The Onda Bathtub from The Vero Stone, is hand chiseled from Italian natural stone.

7. Le Cave Balnea, designed by Emanuel Gargano and Marco Fagioli for VASELLI, is carved from a single block of stone and is available in a number of different stones.

8. The curvaceous ALONE tub from Neutra Design is carved from a single block of stone using state-of-the-art technologies.

Just in case you were wondering how these were carved, here’s a photo of a tub in the process of being carved by the people at Stone Forest.


7 thoughts on “8 Stunning Bathtubs Made From Solid Stone

  1. We want to make cleanable rainwater collector sculptures out of stone, but it is of course too expensive. The design can be deduced from the inventions regarding rainwater collectors, Underneath goes a filter holder and a bottle to collect the most usually pristine water. Maybe these stone guys want to make a few!
    But Alk3r,, these are the most beautiful bathtubs anyone has ever seen, and the rich guys ought gladly commission those sculptors!

    • if you make the sculptures i would be happy to see it! True these must be really expensive and yeah i’d love to possess one of these stone bathtubs

      • Sculptures are only the most elaborate of 7 rainwater collection methods I have invented but cannot gain patents for because I am a debtor. I envision something like 3 clamshell shaped counter tops that drain into a single bottle. I use plastic 6 x 10 with a frame, a rock to get the shape and a hole just off center (so solid dust stays out of the filter). The shape allows one to collect enough to replace bottled drinking water, say 3-10 gallons in a good storm. It must be cleanable- unlike roof rainwater collection. I use a coffee filter, but the thing needs a good filter, and to be tested, as for cryptosporiilia- but rainwater is basically pure. In Flint, Michigan, the water is contaminated with lead, and instead of drink the rain straight from the sky, they run first through the poison ground, then down the poisoned river, then through the lead pipes melted from road salt etc, then try to filter it. I cannot get the simplest ideas across to people, but am convinced my inventions are worth a bazillion, and hope for the customary 20% someday- but in the meantime, I want people to have fresh water! Visit mmcdonald77/Inventions. Thanks!

      • Know any honest investors who want to make some money? I will surly get taken, but I publish the inventions because the world is a better place with them than without them, and business is quite secondary. Fraud and corruption in America are through the roof. We’ve really had it! But there is apparantly nothing anyone can do. Facebook stole the Love button four days after I discussed it on Annette’s Facebook page! But lots of people thought of it, just not as a patentable invention.

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