The Bolwoningen Apartments

The Bolwoningen which can be translated as either “ball” or “bulb” apartments were built in 1984 by artist and sculptor Dries Kreijkamp. He created an experimental settlement consisting of houses that resemble extraterrestrial buildings in the neighborhood of medium-sized town Den Bosch in the Netherlands.

Each building is elevated on a cylindrical socket. By entering the front door, you find a small storage area and a stairway which leads into the sphere on top. The globe contains a bedroom, a bathroom and a toilet. Furthermore the sphere provides a living area and a kitchen. All the rooms are located inside this three-story building and are interconnected with one another through a spiral staircase. Six round windows allow plenty of daylight to illuminate the areas.

Kreijkamp’s inspiration for using a spherical design for his buildings came from his belief that the globe-shape is the most organic shape possible. As he analyzed architectural styles of traditional cultures, he became fascinated by round clay huts of African tribes who build and igloos of the Eskimos. Kreijkamp designed the ball houses by making multiple use of every square meter of space. Therefore inhabitants don’t feel narrowed, although each bulb apartment only offers a living space that measures 55 square meters.

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